Gabriel Does Thanksgiving With Kim Then Hits the Shops With Nahla

Gabriel Aubry hit The Grove in LA yesterday to do some holiday shopping with daughter Nahla — if you're in the market for the perfect present, make sure to check out our 2010 gift guides! It was a day of family for Gabriel after he spent Thanksgiving with the Kardashian clan. He and Kim were together last Wednesday for a dressed-up date night, and he apparently went on to eat too much with her sisters, mother, and step-dad on Thursday. It was the latest string of hangouts for the couple, who recently went public with their romance at a Lakers game. There's some distance between Gabriel and Kim at the moment, as she's in NYC this week doing press for her book Kardashian Konfidential. Kim addressed their relationship status this morning on The View, saying that she's dating handsome men but still considers herself single.

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1. "When Boy and Girl 1 were together, Girl 1 had lots and lots of nasty things to say privately about Girl 2, another celebrity. Since Girl 1 and Girl 2 have never run in the same circles (one is known for film, and the other for television), it was unlikely to ever become more than a running joke between our couple that Girl 2 was a "no-talent" "slut". Well, that is, until they split up. His first public hookup after the split? With Girl 2. To say Girl 1 is furious would be an understatement. The tide has turned, and what started out as an amicable break up has now become an all-out private war that includes lots of screaming matches on the phone about how Girl 1 doesn't want that "plastic whore" anywhere near their child/ren. For the record, the new relationship is a PR setup. Boy couldn't care less about Girl 2. He just loves the attention that another relationship brings. And he really, really loves that there is nothing on earth that irritates Girl 1 more." [Blind Gossip]" I'm going to leave it at that.
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