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Pictures of George Clooney And Elisabetta Canalis Wearing a Bikini on The Beach in Hawaii

George and Bikini-Clad Elisabetta Have Beach Fun Coming and Going!

George Clooney didn't go shirtless, but Elisabetta Canalis bared lots of skin in her little bikini yesterday as the pair took a stroll on a beach in Hawaii. They shared the private moment after she arrived on the island around two weeks ago to keep George company while he films The Descendants. The duo have logged most days around the set but make sure to break away and enjoy PDAs when the cameras aren't rolling. Elisabetta's patience while George worked paid off with their romantic date, and she seemed happy to once again lavish her boyfriend with lots of attention.



Image Source: Splash News Online
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friendofclooney friendofclooney 7 years
It is truly comical to read the hateful comments that the fans and other folks have posted out there about Georgey and his current partner, be she for hire or not. How conceivable and realistic is it, to formulate an opinion of someone else without first knowing them on an intimate level? I do not think that it is anybody's business out there what my friend does with his personal life. If you want to judge him in any area of his so on the merits of his work as an actor or philanthropist. Celebrities are human beings with feelings like the rest of the world population. Words are like bullets....they hurt and once the damage is done, you can't undo that damage. Basically, you can't unscramble scrambled eggs!!!! George Clooney is truly a sweet and considerate man and a confirmed least he does not live his life as a hypocrite. He says what he means and he means what he says. Pay attention to his work product and watch your comments on the personal stuff. The day will come perhaps when George will be involved with a dynamo of a partner and she will help him fend off much of the negative publicity!!! Watch and see what happens later this year.....she will be beautiful, intelligent, an educated professional, spiritual and a self made woman who will be the perfect match for George......Stay tuned!!!!!
moviegirl6969 moviegirl6969 7 years
George Clooney is laughing hysterically all the way to the bank, while the rest of the minions of the world are busy commenting on his sex life, his love life and looks. He really does not give a hoot what anyone thinks. It is high time that others tend to their own miserable lives instead of that of celebrities who don't have a worry or a care in the world. Some of your comments are highly amusing to me. Leave my buddy alone. He can sleep with whomever he wants or whatever he wants. It's his life and his business solely........get a grip people!!!!
SmuttyPop SmuttyPop 7 years
My bad.. I meant the Golden Globes... that is the one where she wore that light colored dress I liked. I didn't watch the Oscars this year. I saw the Oscar pictures realized that wasn't the award show I was talking about. George needs to bring a date the won't fidget on the front row or just roll solo.
clooneylicious clooneylicious 7 years
EC behaved like a four-year old at the Oscars. She couldn't keep still and kept messing with her gown. She was also very rude. She sat down in the middle of Kathryn Bigelow's standing ovation and during Sandra Bullock's win, George had to practically pull her up out of her seat to give Sandra a standing ovation. She was mess.
SmuttyPop SmuttyPop 7 years
After the last chick he dated, do people still live with their head in the sand? I'm reading words like fantasy,disillusion etc. and I'm confused. Again most of GC paramours have used their sexuality in their careers, why are folks now and still disappointed? We are in the Digital Age, there's no hiding anything...Actors aren't put on pedestals anymore they are messed up humans like the rest of us. I don't live in Italy so I don;t know much about her, from what I've glanced at or it doesn't seem like she's trying to come off as anything but herself. I've seen her with him at the Oscars, she looks beautiful to me. *shrugs*
OutOnALedge OutOnALedge 7 years
tell someone who cares isa b...tall or short she still bared her ass for all to see...we have a saying where i come from..."if it ain't pretty, it better be gift wrapped." i trust that is plain enough english to translate well. ps you italians forget one is the star here not your girl. she has to be naked to get people to notice her when he's around time she'll need to go topless . oh wait she's already done that. she has nothing left to expose.
OutOnALedge OutOnALedge 7 years
141: no one cares about the color of her paramours' skin..that is the italian posters speaking to her past ...your post reflects most people's thinking these days...the internet has exposed us to the personal lives of public people and if we are net surfers there is little we can do about it...i guess what it comes down to is this: someone who looks as good as clooney does on the outside disappoints when the inside is revealed to be degenerate and seedy. you're dealing with people's fantasies here. that's probably why you like pammy a. !! she is what she is and never pretended to be anything else. i guess people just expect more from clooney.
SmuttyPop SmuttyPop 7 years
This is out of control...why are people mad because she had black lovers? So what she's dated a couple of futbol players, they are probably the men that move in her circle. Yes we've seen her naked, we've seen most of GC girlfriends naked. She couldn't be that much of a degenerate if she's on television. Italy's not the prudish, anyway, isn't this the country that elected a porn star to a political office? Actually I like Pamela Anderson, she's a cool lady. As long as there are no dudes with receipts for having sex with Elisabetta, she's cool with me.
mmou mmou 7 years
#138# I tuoi commenti, stranamente, mi riportano e ricordano il Salem Witch Trial e Tomàs de Torquemada ...... Your comments, strangely, bring me back and remember the Salem Witch Trial e Tomàs de Torquemada ......
OutOnALedge OutOnALedge 7 years
131,133: if you refer to my posts in your use of "forced" I do not search obsessively for pictures of your trollopy friend. i search for news about clooney and his movies, etc. she is along for the ride and in this way i am forced to view her gross and immoral past. cabish? it is impossible to separate trampolina from clooney as they are an item. this is how i am forced to view what in my opinion no one should have to view unless you enjoy pornography or cellulite. i noticed that you do not address her ugly past and her lack of morality. i know why! because you can't. ps. your english is atrocious.
MCancy MCancy 7 years
#135Cavolo parli bene inglese..sei italoamericana/o?comunque concordo a pieno con quello che dici!
mmou mmou 7 years
Mi dispiace e noto con rammarico la volgarità compiaciuta di alcune risposte, che, secondo me denotano semplicemente un disagio vissuto da queste persone che riversano su situazioni, persone, fatti che nulla hanno a che vedere con la sua origine. Sorry, while deploring the vulgarity of some smug responses, which in my opinion simply denote a discomfort experienced by these people who flock to situations, people, facts that have nothing to do with its origin.
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