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Pictures of George Clooney Smiling as He Departs LAX

George Clooney Brings His Sweet Smile Up in the Air

George Clooney was in a joking mood Saturday as he greeted fellow passengers and smiled his way through security departing out of LAX. His Up in the Air character Ryan Bingham would approve of those slip-on shoes. He was on the mainland for a short stop, showing off a fresh tan from filming The Descendants in Hawaii. It hasn't been all work on the Islands, as his girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, visited and showed off lots of skin in her miniscule bikini during downtime. We won't see him sporting that luau-ready shirt on the big screen until next year, but his action-packed thriller The American is set for release this Fall.


Image Source: NPG
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starry16 starry16 7 years
The problem with the gf isn't her looks, she's not ugly (although she's far from being a beauty imo), but she has 3 major character flaws. She could still be liked if she only had one or maybe two, but not three: 1) sleazy, sleeping around, exhibitionist. 2) low class, bad taste & judgement in choosing clothes (see thru dresses for godsake) & arm tats?!? & 3) arrogance. The worst of all. Being sweet tempered, gracious & showing a little humility would go a long way towards making people forget her other flaws, but apparently that just isn't her. Instead she prances around with her nose in the air & an "I don't give a ___ what you think cuz I'm fabulous" expression on her face. Lainey said she didn't care what people think of her & I think she's right. Its all over her body language & expression. But that attitude is the kiss of death if you want to have fans. This gf makes the last one (Vegas girl) seem sweet and fresh by comparison.
Candice80 Candice80 7 years
Still Gorgeous!
Janineisgr8 Janineisgr8 7 years
I broke my own self imposed ban on all things Clooney (because I'd gone off him since he started stepping out with the lastest classless bint and I just think he is an absolute moron in his personal life). Anyhooo. .. saw Men Who Stare At Goats. I thought it was awesome - especially the dancing....PS Please George go out with someone fabulous... who's cha cha hasnt been splashed all over the internet...
clooneylicious clooneylicious 7 years
Now, THAT'S the Georgie poo I love to see....Happy!
starry16 starry16 7 years
Handsome George! He looks happy here.
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