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sunnyheart sunnyheart 6 years
Just to clarify my comments, I am simply not surprised that Halle said what she said. I don't necessarily think either side is right or wrong. For better or worse, I sadly think Nahla will end up basing a large part of her identity on whichever parent behaves better in this bitter custody battle. Parental fighting ends up affecting a child as much as race does. It is baffling though how Halle choose a white man for so many years and now is so against him. It seems like there must be more personal issues/sides of the story that are getting mixed in with race issues.
bluestar bluestar 6 years
I honestly don't know how she ended up having a child with a "white" man.
kimdash kimdash 6 years
@ #18. I say this with the uttermost love and respect, but the fact that you listed all of these young ladies shows that you somewhat put them in a catagory. I don't agree with "one drop"theory either, but the truth is that when most ppl do see a racial difference usually different than caucasian we are viewed as different. The racial thing has a long way to go in this country I can just tell how President Obama is treated. #6 Samantha 111 I actally agree with you we need to speak more about this but with pure, love, and honesty. Colors and differences make this world and our country beautiful.
berberry3311 berberry3311 6 years
Personally I find her comment offensive! I am mixed raced and while she is correct that it is harder for children who are mixed to come to terms with their own self identity, she is not helping her daughter find her identity by identifying her as "black." If Hallee Berry sees her own daughter that way how can she expect her daughter to find herself easily? I was pushed to identify more with one race than another and that made finding my own identity quite difficult because I felt like I was hurting part of my history and the part of the family attached to it. She needs to stop worrying about what race her daughter identifies with and just raise her the best way she can.
liliblu liliblu 6 years
I see nothing wrong with Halle's statements. I don't understand the outrage.
remywill remywill 6 years
Doesn't she get it, she just sounds nasty and rasist - her poor little girl. HB shut it, your daughter will one day be able to read all this crap.
Artemis Artemis 6 years
I disagree with her statement about the one drop theory, because you just reaffirm old divisions. Personally, I often ask myself whether a person is black or white, I just cannot tell the difference anymore - is Mariah Carey black? Nicole Richie? Zoe Saldana? Alicia Keys? I don't know how to define any of these women and it does not really matter. The racial mix itself makes them interesting and fortunately helps breaking down barriers. Too bad Halle raises the barriers and passes them on to her multi-racial child.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
Shes being so honest. I don't get bashing when nobody on this site or anywhere else for that matter has refered to her as white. So don't try to claim her now.
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