Heidi Klum Breaks Out Another Bikini For Mother's Day and Anniversary Kisses With Seal

Heidi Klum, Seal, and their family had double duty celebrating this weekend in Mexico since it was both Mother's Day and their anniversary! The couple made their fifth annual bash extra special — about 80 of their loved ones came to the ceremony dressed as brides and grooms for the "wedding themed" wedding. Heidi kicked off the vacation by slipping into one bikini on Thursday and was spotted in this black one on Friday. She shared a few sweet kisses with Seal in between taking care of Lou, Johan, Henry, and Leni. Another time, Heidi and Seal coordinated their salmon-colored cover-up and swim trunks for a trip to the pool. Heidi and Seal aren't the only stars who renew their vows every year, but they certainly like to do it with style and of course for these two, costumes.

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Image Source: Splash News Online