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Pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift Driving Together in LA

Jake and Birthday Girl Taylor Take a Scenic Tour Around LA Together

Jake Gyllenhaal showed a hint of his award-winning stubble yesterday while out for a ride in LA with Taylor Swift. He headed to California earlier this week after a few days in Australia, where he promoted Love and Other Drugs alongside costar Anne Hathaway with a scenic photo op and a glam red carpet premiere. Jake and Anne had time to take in the sights during their downtime, but now he's back to being all about new girlfriend Taylor. The duo went public with their romance with their PDA-filled Thanksgiving stroll in Brooklyn, where Jake showed his chivalrous side by making a sweet holiday gesture. Taylor's now gearing up for another celebration on Monday in honor of her 21st birthday. She's apparently planning to have a small bash at home in Nashville and recently said, "I definitely want a winter-themed birthday — Christmas-themed. And I'd really like to have it in my condo. I think that would be wonderful."


Image Source: X17 Online
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mlicairac mlicairac 6 years
This is just an odd match. I would love to see Jake with someone else... I mean this girl is a serial dater... Joe. Taylor. Even John Mayer? WTF! Jake, I know plenty of girls who would be soooooo much better for you... Again, like many have already said it's their lives and we can only wish them the best. Jake, don't screw this one up or you'll just end up on her next album... LOL!
jackiered jackiered 6 years
did anyone see his latest movie Love and other Drugs? awfullll horrible vulgar movie. really it wasn't funny or even clever in any way. What's up with Hollywood? they insult us all the time with this c*ap! and what's with Anne Hathaway. Another movie like this and both Jake & Anne are forever sentenced to B ville movieland.
medicgirl medicgirl 6 years
I can't wait till Taylor gets busted doing a line of coke at a party....her goody two shoes act is getting a little old, no one is that perfect! As for Jake, I never saw the good for them she sure has been gettin around lately, just sayin.
jackiered jackiered 6 years
hmmmm odd couple.
gorri gorri 6 years
#5, How can he be with you if he's with me? He's having my babies. But yes, this pairing is just so odd. Oh well.
littlewonder33 littlewonder33 6 years
*barf* this is all for show, everyone knows jake is with me dduuuhhhhhhh!!!!!
ilanac13 ilanac13 6 years
how lovely that they are spending more time together. i wish that i was more of a fan of hers to be happy about this but i'm just not. oh well. not my life. happy early b-day though!
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