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Burkina Burkina 6 years
I agree with SleepingSun 100% People will say celebs are so shallow for being so dressed up all the time, calling them "divas" but the minute they look like normal people they're "cheap, lazy and ugly". Give me a break. Shes gorgeous. This is her style. She doesn't have to prove anything.
SleepingSun SleepingSun 6 years
It makes me laugh when people complain about how Jen looks. Like even your arguments are SO shallow and ridiclous: "She's rich she could dress better" and "i'm a single mom of four sets of triplets, I still look like Gisele Budchen on a catwalk just when I'm getting some milk from the store, so she could also look better she's gotta nanny and stuff" Let's face it, she dresses just approprietly. Sneakers to a park, simple ponytail for the groceries, nice neat outfit for a meeting like here. Óf course she could put more effort but why? Just because there's paparazzie taking pictures? Ok, well let's say goodbye to the "don't let paps interfere your life" theory. Too bad your not digging her outfits but there's nothing wrong with them, I think it's you people who are all wierd. At least I'm really grateful for the upbringing I had, which did not include fussing about your appereance every day. Simple dressing for the occasion was just enough. Okay a long rant but seriously guys, just let it go and go look at Paris Hilton pictures, because omgsh she's soooo fab!
qteepie qteepie 6 years
I'm a mother of 1, I work full time. i have a career, i don't have a nanny and I'm no where near rich. I look like a super model everyday. I have flawless skin i don't need make-up. I don't wear make-up unless its a special occasion. But i still look beautiful. this woman can afford to look good she still loook like crap everyday.
kimdash kimdash 6 years
My favorite couple I would like my husband and I to have dinner with. Love them.
Kimberly-Timlick Kimberly-Timlick 6 years
Then photos of Ben with the rugs are one of my all time favorites!
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