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hotsytotsy hotsytotsy 6 years
Oh please people. Jessicow is wasted. Have you seen the pictures all over the internet. Jessicow is drunk. Hey Jessicow, how was the hangover? Did your boytoy do his job and hold your hair back while you puked in the toilet. Well he has to be good for something, like holding her drunk buttt up. Hahaha!! Lol!!
kimdash kimdash 6 years
The comments on this post by Judgementday is really creeping me out.
ugar ugar 6 years
See, if you knew what I know then it would be clear as to what the paparazzi can do. They followed her to work, then to Katsuya. They had been on her trail all day. They stayed out waiting for her all day outside her job. They were probably along with crazy, tired too. I know what the paps can do because this sort of thing is not new. They have done this before to try to smear her name like you hater like to hear. I know the inside info.
ugar ugar 6 years
See, I really have pity for haters because they don't understand real love called agape' love. Your souls are so distorted. You only know how to think the negative. Pity.
sundaylovexo sundaylovexo 6 years
P.S. mostly agree with what 33 said! VERY TRUE. Especially the last bit.
sundaylovexo sundaylovexo 6 years
I really love that outfit she's got going on. Cute jewelry, cute shoes, cute top................... but where are her pants?! Nonetheless, she is looking great these days. x Carly
ugar ugar 6 years
Oh hater, go back to hating that's all you like doing. Haters smell through the computer. You and the dumb paps - drunk and pregnant at the same time? What has she done to them and you to be so hostile? She is the sweetest thing there is. So what if she was dancing and having a great time? Are you jealous? You don't have to be sloppy drunk to do those things. See, I know her better than you do. You are just like the paps ready to bring her down. Hater, you have so much hatred in you. The paps and you don't want to realize that she was tired. Pity.
ugar ugar 6 years
They tried to blind her with the light to make it appear as if she were drunk. Her eyes went closed like that from the light. You check all the pics when she was in the vehicle. You would see her eyes became more opened later after the lights were turned off. A person out there said that the paps were trying to get her to holler something back to them. She wouldn't, then they tried other means. She is not a sloppy drunk. Don't be a hater. That guy with the voice is a stalker. I don't see why someone doesn't arrest him. I think he works for x17. One of the worst sites around against her. I know his voice. He better repent or he is going straight to hell for sure. Please don't be a hater.
ugar ugar 6 years
Of course, you would watch x17. They were the ones who did all the dirt. Watch a more credible one like Splash. It would show what happened. You would be afraid of the monsters that were out there too. Let's just face it. You want to make her drunk because you don't like her. She was not sloppy drunk. Don't be a hater. She always holds Eric arm like that. Evidently, you don't know her and don't like her.
ugar ugar 6 years
Anonymous, I didn't say that she doesn't drink. But to say that she is a sloppy drunk, now come on. Maybe that is something that you would love for her to be to satisfy something within you that is lacking. You don't know her because you don't follow her because I can tell from the jealousy and hate. Don't be such a hater. I hope your mind is stronger than a tabloid and paps. Now it has been said that she was pregnant, you can't be pregnant and a drunk. Wow, what the tabloids and paps can do to the minds of ones that cannot think for themselves.
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