Jessica Simpson was with Ken Paves and CaCee Cobb yesterday leaving their hotel, and the trio was off to join Jess's publicist Lauren Auslander and colleague Jeff Olde at the VH1 network upfronts. Ken and CaCee accompanied Jess on stage to talk about The Price of Beauty and later mingle with fellow guests like Terrell Owens. After a quick stop back at their rooms, where Jess changed into a short red dress, they headed to dinner with CaCee's boyfriend, Donald Faison. CaCee tweeted a photo of Donald dealing with the effects of their meal while nude and on the toilet, though she later took down the photo and simply wrote, "Yes, I am THAT girlfriend!" Jess has the support of her two BFFs in the Big Apple, but she needs a little more love in the PopSugar 100 —  she's losing in her matchup against Dakota Fanning, so make sure to fill out your ballot before round two closes at midnight!

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