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Barbie-Depp-Bixby Barbie-Depp-Bixby 6 years
i wanna meet him1 thats my dream! and life goal :'/
ndmoore ndmoore 6 years
@greencloud, Got it, they call these people "Trolls." They go form site to site trying to rile fans up and start an argument. Thanks for info!
greencloud greencloud 6 years
@ndmoore; You won't get a straight response from sxy - this person goes to a lot of sites where there are discussions and articles about Johnny Depp, and spews his/her nasty bile all over the internet. It's sickening. And as for the 'hanky code' he/she keeps on about - the bandannas are worn in the BACK pocket - Johnny wears his in the front pocket. So sxy is just talking a load of spiteful rubbish.
ndmoore ndmoore 6 years
@sxy, I like how you have nothing to say about my comments. Very telling.
greencloud greencloud 6 years
Kate15, sadly, you're right. I don't feel comfortable looking at the pictures; almost like voyeurism. He's just as entitled to a private life as anyone else. @sxy: still spreading your poison I see.
sxy sxy 6 years
Looked at the pictures still grandma kissing but loved hide the socks in her suit gig.
Katel5 Katel5 6 years
My god! I googled Rum Diaries and somehow ended up here. This is terrible. Do any of you have any respect for human beings? These are pics taken of his family, his children. Its a PRIVATE moment, not the Oscars. Shame on this generation! Shame on this stupid site that I had to register at to leave a stupid comment. If any one is a TRUE fan they would know that this stuff really,really bothers him and you would not support it.
greencloud greencloud 6 years
@sxy; Get your facts straight - if he followed the 'hanky code' the bandanna would be in his BACK pocket - not the front. There's nothing wrong with him - and his family is lovely. Stop spreading your poison about him - no one would believe your nasty delusions anyway.
lightbeem lightbeem 6 years
Oh my God .what happens for Vanessa’s teeth. At first I saw her I think her tooth fall off. When she was younger, gap between her two front teeth was very small. But ever year her gap is larger and her teeth became ugly and bent .In her picture for channel and magazines she is trying don’t grin until nobody don’t notice her teeth. She opens her mouth just half for pictures and she always smiles in red carpet, if I had same teeth I didn’t leave my house. Madonna has gap teeth but it’s not very big and don’t attract notice. Obviously we expect everyone to be perfect. What the hell in France, she is singer, model and actress, did she see herself in the mirror. She is beautiful except her teeth. You see in the picture (example4, 8, 12) her lips deformed because of her teeth. When you see her pictures when she was younger, you see that she had very shapely lips. search internet, there are too many words about her, people pick on her for her teeth .please this time is time to change. Why Johnny, her children and Carl didn’t say, her teeth is awful and her gap teeth cause her look to seem older (very very old). For God’s sake please fix them. p.s They have beautiful children
guitartown guitartown 6 years
after me, Vanessa is the luckiest woman on earth! I"ve been a fan of Mr. Depp's for yrs and yrs, one of the truly great actors of his generation, if not the best. He and his girl and their family always look so happy! God bless you all.
rake1 rake1 6 years
@ojoba..I'm agreed with you!
kgirl123 kgirl123 6 years
ndmoore ndmoore 6 years
@sxy You obviously are not a Johnny fan. Why do you bother to comment just to be disrespectful about JD and his family? Also, "thou protest too much," google that.
ndmoore ndmoore 6 years
@awesomepants, OMG, that's funny...and true!
ycolette1 ycolette1 6 years
I like Depp and I loved how he praised Angelina in interviews for her beauty, her acting ability and most importantly she and Brad as great parents.There is no point in comparing the the 2 families. Brad and Angie are the most demand celebs according to the pap agencies. Vanessa is not very known in the States.Brad and Angie like the keep their family together whereas Vanessa has stated she and Depp like to spend time apart. so his family doesn't come on location with him .Different strokes for different folks. Whatever works for them . Depp mentioned that he wanted to work with Angie again and work with Brad. So all is good.
ojoba ojoba 6 years
johnny is a forever down to earth,sexy,funny,handsome guy,an excellent,creative actor and has a beautiful family.@sxy,the hanki that you are referring to,is his bandanna that he often wears,be more specific next time,if you gonna try to slam johnny depp.grandma kisses,hanki codes...........sounds a bit trite.
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
It's cool that his daughter gets excited about a JB poster when Johnny could buy Justin, have him killed, stuffed and put in his daughter's bedroom. Totally creepy but he could make it happen.
ndmoore ndmoore 6 years
@1317804, thanks for the extra pix! Beautiful!
ndmoore ndmoore 6 years
@sxy.. Umm... their CHILDREN are standing right there, not to mention many other people. How do you expect them to kiss? How do you kiss in front of your kids...... never mind, I don't want to know.
1317804 1317804 6 years
@sxy: Look at the pictures here He didn't look like like kissing his grandmother, I'm sure ;)
sayhk sayhk 6 years
LealandMS LealandMS 6 years
Never seem them kiss
janekay janekay 6 years
Nope he is not, neither is he half as interesting... People really need to stop trying to project their fantasies into reality.. And no I have nothing against him or any celebs for that matter, unlike some people i do not get emotionally attached to people i dont know...just stating the truth...
janekay janekay 6 years
Nope he is not, neither is he half as interesting.. People really need to stop trying to project their fantasies into reality.. And no I have nothing against him or any celebs for that matter...just stating the truth...
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
^^^Wow sxy, I almost feel bad for you. Talk about delusional.
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