Justin Timberlake Is Well Enough to Toast True Grit With the Coens

Justin Timberlake joined Joel Coen last night for an LA screening of True Grit. The western film, which hits theaters on Dec. 22, is the latest offering from Joel and his brother Ethan Coen and stars Matt Damon and Josh Brolin, who also hit the reception with his wife, Diane Lane. Matt wasn't able to turn out for the event, however, as he's filming Contagion in Illinois with his very cold costar Gwyneth Paltrow. Justin is making the social rounds during a break from work on his new movie Now, as production was halted after he sustained an injury on set. JT's evidently well enough to continue doing press for The Social Network as the cast courts some love from the Oscars and even take girlfriend Jessica Biel out for a date.

Image Sources: Bauer-Griffin Online and WireImage
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