Justin Timberlake's shaved head and perfectly tailored wardrobe were a welcome sight on the set of his new movie, I'm.mortal, in LA today. He shot alongside Amanda Seyfried this afternoon, and plays Olivia Wilde's son in the sci-fi project about a futuristic world where everyone stops aging at 25 years old. He reported to his first day of filming after a date night out with Jessica Biel as rumors emerged about an alleged fling he recently had with Olivia Munn. Justin's rep adamantly denied the story and he was the picture of a supportive boyfriend at the premiere of Jessica's directorial debut short film earlier this week. JT is also still raking in the praise for his role in The Social Network as award season buzz mounts. Justin momentarily went back to his musical roots over the weekend when he performed a medley at his own charity concert. Still, the big screen is where JT's mind is at the moment and next up he'll be promoting his holiday release, Yogi Bear.

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