Suri Cruise Follows Ballet With Ice Cream in Katie's Arms

Suri Cruise clutched her Baskin Robbins ice cream while taking a ride in mom Katie Holmes's arms after ballet class in LA last week. The girls are home in California so Katie can shoot her new Adam Sandler movie Jack and Jill, so Suri is sticking around as well. Katie is a bona fide movie star these days, but she's also going back to the small screen with her History Channel series The Kennedys. She perfectly embodies Jackie O, which most of you appreciate more than Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe. Meanwhile, Tom is far away in Prague filming Mission: Impossible 4, which has so far meant lots of looks at his impressive shirtless body.

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I don't think she embodies Jackie O. I honestly can't see Jackie walking around with her hair looking like that! Plus, Katie's a little more trendy while Jackie was classic and preppy. That being said, her jacket is precious, as is Suri!
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