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SLCSteph SLCSteph 6 years
People get pissed when it's brought up, but I do believe Suri is mildly autistic. I believe this because my own son is too and when that becomes your reality, you can easily spot the signs from observing multitudes of images and video of her expressions, "spoiled" mannerisms, and interactions with Mom and others. What bothers me is people think it's an insult. Let me tell you, mild autism is mostly what people around you make of it...many of the world's most valued geniuses were thought to be mildly autistic. It makes love and relationships hard, but not impossible and it doesn't make you any less of a person. To be offended by autism is a problem with yourselves. It's possible Katie and Tom don't even acknowledge it due to the scientology...but the girls' expressions and obsessions (bottle, bunky, blanket, particular clothes and behavior) as well as her lack of intimacy/eye contact and genuine fun looking into her mom's face make it seem pretty obvious. Doesn't mean she doesn't love her mom, she's just more like a cat all to aware of her surroundings so to speak than a joyous engaging pup. Severe autism is another story, but mild autism can very well earn you a decent or great quality of life. Mom's have a hard time with it though, but you learn to adapt and know your kid loves you even if it's hard for them to show it. The tragedy is that everyone thinks the kid is a spoiled brat, when really she's probably having sensory overloads and obsesses over certain patterns in life she doesn't want to break...Sure, maybe she's just spoiled, but there's equal evidence to raise suspicion of autism...which is not the end of the world. But I feel bad if she's called spoiled when that's often the mislable for autistic children by strangers.
sweets-high sweets-high 6 years
These pictures actually make me sad. You can tell that Katy is aware of the photographers and it impacts her ability to enjoy her daughter, who is having so much fun. Not to mention how uncomfortable she must feel having pictures of her young daughter in her bathing suit. Overall, I have a lot of respect for Popsugar, but I just don't think there should be a market for these photos.
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