Katie Holmes Heads Home to California but Skips Pacey-Con

Katie Holmes was in a t-shirt and jeans for a meeting in LA on Friday during her weekend off from the Canadian set of The Kennedys. Suri comes with mom on location, even striking up an adorable new friendship with the little girl who plays Caroline Kennedy in the AMC miniseries. Meanwhile, Tom Cruise has been promoting Knight and Day overseas with Cameron Diaz, and the two stunt-loving costars showed off their driving skills on last night's episode of Top Gear. Katie didn't make it down to San Diego to promote her movie Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, though the show that made her famous, Dawson's Creek, did have a funny moment in the sun when Joshua Jackson held an impromptu offshoot festival, Pacey-Con.

Image Source: Ginsburg/Spaly Inc
it's cute that suri is making friends - i just wish that she had more consistency with friendships but i guess that will all come in due time. it sounds like katie is really pushing to get her into a 'regular' school. anyway, it's nice that katie had some time to head home even if it was for a meeting and just the weekend.
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