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feedup82 feedup82 5 years
Her future husbad salary is only 3 million a year.... how the hell can she recieve a 2 million dollar ring,... I mean she is allowed to enjoy her money but my goodness...
natswrite natswrite 5 years
Ugh - tacky! How practical is a ring like that? Wouldn't it always be catching on things and getting in the way? A piece of jewelery like that is just asking to be lost or stolen. I would much rather travel or buy a new house than have such a large engagement ring. Or even have a higher quality, smaller diamond. But then again I'm not a Kardashian. (P.S. do we think that her fiance could even afford that price-tag? I'm guessing she bought it.)
Invincible Invincible 5 years
It's beautiful.
azh azh 5 years
...Proportional to her ass.. That way she wont fall. Hahaha
Hockey-Princess Hockey-Princess 5 years
Gross. Tacky. Classless. In other words, perfect for Kim Kardashian.
alex5521 alex5521 5 years
REPLY to IMGSTAR: Maybe Kris already donated to Joplin. He deserves to spend his money the way he wants to. Have you donated to Joplin? I highly doubt it.
imgstar imgstar 5 years
I live all the way out here in Singapore and while I say congratulations to Kim and Kris, I find this story quite appalling - one that is sweeping almost every magazine online or otherwise. Especially when you consider the devastation in Joplin - how does this bling match up - it's one thing to wish the couple well, it's another to flash the ring all over the place - this is disgusting. Over a woman who is infamous for nothing but just strutting herself in our faces. Really Kris, wouldn't donating that 2 million to Joplin be the right thing to do!
SmuttyPop SmuttyPop 5 years
Hey Alex5521, I could agree with you, but Kris Humphries only made 1.5 million a year since 2004. After taxes that is like $750,000 , if you add it up it is close to $5.5 million. That is not counting his living expenses at all. So basically this poor man took all of his life savings and brought her a ring. He's scheduled to make 3.5 million this year, but again that is not enough to pay for that ring. So he basically looks foolish blowing his money on a ring, how are they going to pay for a house? I am guessing it is a loaner from Lorraine Schwartz or as everyone else has guessed E! paid for the ring. It just looks gaudy it is not pretty at all. Khloe's ring is beautiful and her husband can afford her ring.
alex5521 alex5521 5 years
ALL of you commenters are so hateful. None of you ladies would ever decline an engagement ring that beautiful. If your partner had the money to spend the that much on a ring then ALL FOR IT! Kris Humphries, as well as many other celebrities, donate a lot to charity, you just never HEAR OF IT! I bet all you have NEVER donated a penny in your life so DONT complain. Who are you to tell people what to do with their money? Just worry about the money you make and spend. Kris DESIGNED it with Lorraine Schwartz. "Lorraine always listened to what I would want and the shapes I love. I had said I loved an emerald cut and we were scheming and plotting for a while.”. Of course, to the ordinary mid class people it seems ridiculous to spend that money but thats because we're MID CLASS not MILLIONAIRES who can spend the money. Besides the guy is a basketball player, he makes plenty of money. And if he shelled out a $10,000 ring....ALL of you would be hating for being too cheap!
Kazagirl Kazagirl 5 years
Way too big. Looks tacky and obnoxious. I would not be happy with a ring that size. Couldn't imagine having to carry that thing around on my finger for the rest of my life.
shannon_xo shannon_xo 5 years
it looks like costume jewellery.
kimdash kimdash 5 years
# 15 I agree E! paid fr this ring hands down and #20 I thought so too, but the best thing about Beyonce is that Jay Z bought her ring and they truly love each other. To each their own. I just don't get why these sisters who I think are really pretty have to sell these guys the advantage to marrying them.
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