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taurus12 taurus12 5 years
I think it's great that we are all different. Life would be very boring if everybody looked the same. I am an older woman and over judging people by there looks. What ever makes you happy and you don't hurt any one go for it. Live life to the fullest and enjoy it because it is to short to worry about superficial things. Be happy.
Cat3 Cat3 6 years
Kristen looks great, she has a good figure. She looks like a naturally slim build and her tummy is as flat as a pancake. Lucky her.
mamabanana mamabanana 6 years
first of all: i'm NOT a twilight fan or a teen girl. I was bored and just started reading these comments and i'm kinda shocked... why do you people have to be so mean? I've seen pictures of Kristen before and i've always thought her as a normal person. She sure is skinny, but that she has a body of a little boy? She looks good and she doesn't have massive boobs, but she still gots some, so why are you saying that she's flat? I'm not saying that her body is perfect but i don't see any big flaws and i sure as hell don't see little boys body! People should think more before they judge... I don't like Robert Pattinson much, but i'm not saying bad things about him and calling him names... Maybe some people should grow up and start thinking before opening their mouths or typing something irrelevant. ps. I have a funny feeling, that those who said that Kristen has no boobs and she looks like a boy don't like twilight and are saying nasty things of her only because of that...
callingoutthecrazy callingoutthecrazy 6 years
Both are beautiful and true to themselves. There is nothing more appealing than than.
frannytomtom frannytomtom 6 years
i don't hate kristen don't love her (as in im not impressed by she acting or movies) but its sad to see people (im guessing mostly women too) say awful things about her natural body type, ANd also that SUCKS they put her in a white bikini.. ugh they are always see through, i hope thats not going to end up embarrassing on film!!
krisea24 krisea24 6 years
some people say they dont hate or jealous of kristen but why they dont stop criticizing or bashing her?if u really cannot stand her just pls ignore everything related to her,thats what i do if i dont like some of actress.
imlookinatanangel imlookinatanangel 6 years
ok well to a comment that said that all kristen stewart fans were teens who had her body type or were fat girls, even if that was truth your point is???? first of all i'm 19 i'm tall i'm not skinny but i'm not fat either and if i were what does that have to do with my liking of kristen so relax yourself before you comment because some of the things i see here are just kstew haters desperately trying to bash her so yeah
HeleneB HeleneB 6 years
Love this comment from other person - A real woman doesn't classify as someone with large breasts and a big @#$%. Some woman are born naturally skinny and perfectly healthy. Kristen is one of them, she's not sick or disgusting to look at like some models who are clearly anorexic. Stop hating on woman without curves, and stop hating on woman with curves. Woman are different sizes Woman with curves and woman without are both good and healthy. neither is better. and both are Real woman.
krisea24 krisea24 6 years
some people are judmental,why cant u stop bashing kristen body?i think we need to accept or love for what we are,and if u dont have good thing to say then keep ur mouth close.i think shes hot!!i love kristen stewart!!!!
HeleneB HeleneB 6 years
There's sooo many GREEN EYED MONSTER comments here.
chile68 chile68 6 years
@22, I agree, Kristen looks just fine to me, and she is sexy on her own way. Everybody is different, she looks great :)
chile68 chile68 6 years
I think both look great!! Love him!!!!! ;)
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