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lullavonn lullavonn 7 years
@pjs411 thanks !!
pjs411 pjs411 7 years
lullavonn, it was during the filming of Twilight. This girl interviewer was sitting across from Rob & Rachelle and they had these big cards in their laps and the interviewer would ask them both the same question and they had to give their answer by holding up the card with the name of the cast member. One of the questions was if you were at a bar, who would be the most likely to pick up the bar tab for the group and they both answered Rob and also Rachelle. It was also the time when there was all that hoopla about Rob not taking showers or washing his hair. The interviewer asked Rachelle to tell her what Rob smelled like and Rachelle smelled him and said that he probably hadn't showered &/or changed his clothes for a couple days and that he smelled a bit stale but not too was really funny. It was a great interview and fun game. It was great to seem they together because they are just sexual tension/attraction. It is really too bad that they fired Rachelle. I think she made a great Victoria. You might be able to Google it if you put in the 2 names....
lullavonn lullavonn 7 years
and Sugar, they where filiming OTH in Montréal not in Toronto.
lullavonn lullavonn 7 years
@pjs411 when did they do that. i'd love to see that interview...?!
pjs411 pjs411 7 years
So how skinny is she?? Rob once guessed during that guessing game with the cards that he was playing with Rachelle that Kristin was overwhelmed by the crowds because she was so small & then he said, "What does she weigh? like 95 lbs??" It always looks like she is just skin & she??
xime17 xime17 7 years
that was awesome, she was actually leaving argentina. i was one of the crazy fans who went to see her off at the airport, and in some way i kinda regret going, because i know she hates crowds and lots of fans yelling at her. but, anyway, nothing can take my happiness away, she's absolutely gorgeous and i'm still impressed about that.
pjs411 pjs411 7 years
I just posted a pic of her in this t-shirt from her Joan Jett days...glad to see that she still has her lighter looks so much better than the black shag......
celina243 celina243 7 years
Funny to see the cop behind her, since they are so corrupt here in argentina, i would have felt safer going on my own.
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