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sara77 sara77 6 years
Naomi was in Ibiza october 2 with his boyfriend and Leo and Bar: Amnesia disco in Ibiza.
mrsld mrsld 6 years
These are old pictures!!!! Naomi was in Paris on Monday for her big 25th anniv of modeling. She left Paris Fashion week to go to Ibiza for a day? On what planet?
redchick152 redchick152 6 years
i've come to accept the fact that he will only date models, but dammit leo...quit hanging out with naomi campbell.
ffrench ffrench 6 years
They don't look like a happy couple, they look miserable. Barf is awful and Leo is stupid to continue to be seen with her, it's really a shame
sara77 sara77 6 years
Leo must gain weight for his new role with Eastwood, no? Hoover was a fat, horrible man!! leo please a comedy no more biopics...
NotMeAnymore NotMeAnymore 6 years
These pictures are from August; not only did the reputable news agencies state as much when they were first published a few days ago, but it's impossible for Leo to grow that much facial hair in such a short period of time. In any case, Ibiza was cloudy and rainy on October 2, so I doubt they were out frolicking :howyoudoin: If this is 'happy' as a couple, then I guess I don't need to see 'indifferent' ;) As to Mr Belly, sixpacks are vastly overrated and only admired by the very young. Gimme manbelly any day! More to hold onto! :)
sallymoz sallymoz 6 years
Leo and Bar look like a happy couple. He gets better with age. He's still a smoking hot guy!!! Wish him and Bar the best of luck in there relationship. He has worked so hard in all these movies. Glad he's taking time for a vacation!!!
Glamorme Glamorme 6 years
Awwww, this is the first time I've seen Leo and Bar look so connected. Sweet. Wish them the best and Leo does look good here.
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