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41 Memorable PDA Moments From Met Galas Past
Celebrity PDA
Who Is the Third Wheel Here: Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds's Mom, or Leslie Jones?
Kim and Kourtney's Beach Vacation Involves a Good Amount of Booty and Underboob
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Elle1990 Elle1990 5 years
This is a Polish model Anna Maria Jagodzinska :)
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
I'm not buying any of the shyt Leo's selling....least of all the Blake thing
whatevaaa whatevaaa 5 years
A `friend`! Sure! :oy:
pgtips pgtips 5 years
And he said she's a friend. Blake has guy friends she hangs out with. She will be working with her ex while Leo is in Australia. If they want a relationship, they will have to trust each other.
whatevaaa whatevaaa 5 years
And the night before they showed up in Carmel he was flirting with a young blonde model in NYC. The next day he is in California on a little vacation and the sighting came handy when these photos were released.
pgtips pgtips 5 years
Hard to prove. Was it coming from LSZ's office? Warner's? After a couple weeks and increasingly silly reports like that one about $70K in gifts, he undoubtedly had a good idea who to point the finger at. Timing of the People blurb is obvious, but the fact remains: Leo was vacationing in Carmel with Blake.
Francisgoslen Francisgoslen 5 years
why there is always been a question mark to everything that happens?? (that case Leo and Blake) They can not just be living their lives, and really enjoy being together? For me this is all very real.
whatevaaa whatevaaa 5 years
And why did Ken step up now? After weeks of media frenzy around them? What`s with the `lid` all of a sudden? I don`t buy it! It does seem like PR from the very beginning, perfect timing for everything. And now these photos and then the sighting. Good timing again. Just like those Verona photos came handy after her scandal...
pgtips pgtips 5 years
Yes they kept a lid on it. Did you see any pap pics or reports in other mags about Carmel until now? Ken prolly stepped in and told certain people to shut their yaps. Leo doesn't have to resort to pr stunts. He could have anyone, but he's hanging out with Blake in spite of the additional scrutiny it brings to his personal life. Doesn't smack of pr stunt to me.
whatevaaa whatevaaa 5 years
All of a sudden there`s a lid on their outing? Surprising given the fact that the whole romance seems like a huge PR stunt. There were tweets and a photo about them in Carmel last week so I don`t think it was such a huge secret.... I don`t like this couple I hope Leo moves on soon!
pgtips pgtips 5 years
Leslie Sloane-Zelnik. Reps Blake, Jen Garner, Reese Witherspoon, and a bunch of other actresses. They kept a lid on the Carmel trip. If it wasn't for the tweets and these pics, it might never have been made public. When it was made pubic, it went to People. Ken must have told her to shut her yap.
whatevaaa whatevaaa 5 years
Who is Leslie? Why would Ken S. confirm this to anyone? I don`t get this whole PR mess around Leo and Lively! What`s in it for Leo? :? Pretty weird!
pgtips pgtips 5 years
Ken. People is his magazine of choice, and they're the first to confirm the Carmel trip. Leslie would have leaked it faster and wider.
whatevaaa whatevaaa 5 years
Wait, you are saying that`s Leo with a young, blonde model? I`m truly surprised! :O
whatevaaa whatevaaa 5 years
Ken Sunshine or Team Lively? This sighting comes handy after these photos and video. Just like those Verona photos after her leaked photo scandal...
shellry25 shellry25 5 years
This girl is a model her name is Anna Maria Jagodzinska.
pgtips pgtips 5 years
Looks like K. Sunshine has decided to respond in his mag of choice, People. They must be back from Carmel.,,20504142,00.html On the heels of split reports, Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio proved that they are very much still together with an ultra-private getaway to Carmel, Calif., last week. The new couple browsed the main drag of the seaside town on June 16, stopping for afternoon coffee at the Carmel Coffeehouse & Roasting Company. "Blake ordered two cappuccinos," an onlooker tells PEOPLE. "One with whipped cream, and one without. But when she learned that the whipped cream was homemade, she added it to the second drink." "She was very sweet," the source continues, adding that while Lively ordered, DiCaprio, waited outside with his signature baseball cap tucked low. The duo then took off for a stroll.
pgtips pgtips 5 years
#18 huh? Hanging out on the streets of New York, where he is papped frequently, is not the way to hide.
ps95101 ps95101 5 years
Who are those trashy tabloid writers to call anna “mystery blonde”? it is just anna meeting up with some italianish-spaniardish-mediterrean-americanese dude. I am outraged by the phrasing of the tabloids and outraged by that unshaven, uncouth dude’s bring all this upon anna. The americanese people, along with the anglo-american paparazzi culture the former fed and funded, along with the american-kind celebrity the latter created and nurtured and imposed on their tasteless and brainless funders and feeders, could all go to the hell that those idiotic, evangelical americans believe in.
Francisgoslen Francisgoslen 5 years
The video about this "scene" is this What he's trying to hide? Oh Leo Leo..
becksyyD becksyyD 5 years
There`s a video of Leo. Right after he realized he was being photographed this mystery girl left and Leo started talking to the photographer. You can`t hear him but apparently he asked the paparazzi not to use the photos. :ponder: On the tweet photo you can`t see his or her face at all.
pgtips pgtips 5 years
I believe the twitpic from Carmel is real, but that's the last sighting of Leo and Blake, separately or together. They seem to have disappeared at the same time. Interesting...
pgtips pgtips 5 years
It's def Leo. He was followed all day wearing the same outfit. He knows he's being photographed.
becksyyD becksyyD 5 years
It`s so Leo on these photos. He was seen wearing the exact same clothes earlier that day in NYC. It`s definitely him. If someone doesn`t look like Leo to me is the guy on that tweet photo.:? Plus how do you know it`s Blake? You can`t see her face... Tweets are not the most reliable sources! I`m also glad not to see him around Blake.
Fass Fass 5 years
This doesn't look like Leo to me at all?
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