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cutemaryane cutemaryane 6 years
as for the boobs,please remeember she is a mom now, just incase you didnt have a chance to become one
cutemaryane cutemaryane 6 years
oh please i never thought girls can get this jeoulous,if you havent found the love of your life let those who have celebhrate them and for you haters lol! you might die of loneliness.let the lady have some fun with his hubby and go get yours,as for the dress its cute and they look so lovely, lots of long life mariah and nick you loook great.MWAH
princessbella629 princessbella629 6 years
fu k! all those HATERS! who have bad thimgs to say bout mariah she was a bad ass women then!and shes even better now! to those who have to hate cause they will never reach her level keep hatin your only makin her stronger! forever a mariah fan!
vg2981 vg2981 6 years
so Loved for mariah carry & nick love vanessa aka Vg2981
turtleshell turtleshell 7 years
Some of the comments here are outrageous! I'm not a fan of hers, but come on. She can wear whatever she wants.
Glamorme Glamorme 7 years
@inlove23, I guess my joke (sn plus avi) went over your head and you have mistaken me for a fan. I'm not a fan nor a hater. I just feel that there is a double standard here. Both women dress like teenagers and act attention starved, but only Mariah gets called out on it; mostly by the same posters too. it because of the weight that makes one classy and the other trashy?
inlove23 inlove23 7 years
to iheartfingers: I'm confused? You're picture is Jennifer Aniston but you're dissing on her? I think it is okay for Jennifer to wear small bikinis because she doesn't have boobs that are crazy huge like Mariah. Anyway, while I'm cool with renewals why after two years? Isn't that something done after 20 years?
Glamorme Glamorme 7 years
so it's okay for Jennifer Aniston to dress like a teenage with no bra and skip around in a teeny bikini, but it's not okay for Mariah to "act and dress like a teenager?" That's so hypocritical. Just cause Jennifer is white. huh?
jaan_black jaan_black 7 years
lmao, they are so weird...she needs to back away from the table, bytch looks like she's in the mood for a ham hock
anya82 anya82 7 years
yes it is, brownin329. i used to love her look in the early 90s and have been a big fan of her music. yes, she has gotten bigger but she never did anything to warrant this much hate. she just wants to show the world that she is in love with her hubby, kinda cute in a cheesy kinda way.
KadBunny KadBunny 7 years
Look at that Mariah, she's got some meat on her! Those hips! How disgusting!! :oy: I second nevaeh. I do think that either their relationship is in trouble or Mariah's just being self-indulgent as always. :P But oh well, who knows?
electric-feathers electric-feathers 7 years
Just when I think she can't squeeze into a tighter dress...
SherryBelle SherryBelle 7 years
was this really necessary?
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