Newlyweds Katy and Russell Spotted on Their Exotic Honeymoon!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand were out in the Maldives on Sunday night when they headed to a new hotel. The power couple tied the knot in a lavish Indian ceremony a week and a half ago, and they headed off to relax together shortly after on Katy's 26th birthday. Katy's close friend Rihanna had to miss the big party, however, due to obligations with her upcoming record Loud. Rihanna explained the situation to Ryan Seacrest on Monday and said, "I will never ever forgive myself for that, it was a crazy time, it was a crazy week. I'm switching management. There was no phone service in India and very little to no Internet service, so it would have been a little irresponsible of me." Katy, meanwhile, seems to be back within range and recently returned to Twitter to clear up some rumors.

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Image Source: Bauer-Griffin Online
all i have to say is they wouldnt have DROPPED her or fired her if she took a day off..she COULD have gone to the wedding...i would have for my "best friend"
i was about to say!!! how ridiculous to say that they don't have phone service or internet there! maybe not everyone has the possibility of having it, but common, the places she would go to would obviously have all the commodities for her.
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