Matt Damon's Good Cheer and Big Smiles Are Contagious

Matt Damon graciously posed for a few fan photos on the set of Contagion in Western Springs, IL yesterday. He's been shooting in the snowy suburbs of Chicago for the past few weeks and has already earned a great reputation among the local population. He was spotted waving to local business owners between takes and chowing down on wings at a sports bar while watching the Patriots play on Monday Night Football. Matt is known as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood as well as a devoted husband and father to four girls, and he also recently showed off his serious actor side for the NY Times Magazine. He apparently adds the comic relief in predicted award season favorite True Grit and with Golden Globe nominations out next week, we'll see whether Matt will have another nod to add to his accomplishments.

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I wish Matt Damon were contagious. I wouldn't mind catching some of him.
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