Levi and Vida McConaughey Dig In and Welcome a New Pet!

It was a big weekend for the always-expanding McConaughey family — on Saturday, Levi went along with his dad, Matthew, and mom, Camila Alves, to pick out a pet cat from a veterinary clinic! Levi and Vida left their new addition, Mick, at home yesterday, when they enjoyed their latest fun Summer outing at the beach in Malibu with Camila's mother. Matthew skipped the chance to go shirtless on the sand, but his impressive abs have nonetheless earned him a spot in the Sweet 16 of our Summer Shirtless Bracket. Don't forget to cast your votes for a chance to win a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses!

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really pretty kitty cay. its nice to see some celebs getting a cat instead of a dog. though i guess we dont really know who has cats cause theyre inside but they are probably more suited to a celebs lifestyle of traveling alot. a cat can handle spending more time alone versus a dog. alot of cats are outside cats. they don't all live indoors. they can be both.