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Pictures of Paul Walker and Girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell

Paul Walker Out With Girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell

Paul Walker and longtime girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell strolled around Montecito, CA, in 2010. He had recently finished filming the fifth film in the Fast & Furious franchise, Fast Five, and had a surprise hit over the Summer with Takers. Paul also showed he looks pretty darn good shirtless.


Image Source: KM Press Group
Dee-Mc3058122 Dee-Mc3058122 5 years
Why do they always fall for those homely looking twitts?
lovepaul lovepaul 6 years
he's still super sexy&I would get w/ him in a second.It's a little disturbing he picked a child(she was 16 when they hooked up)&she's not cute at all.She already looks older than her age &dresses frumpy.Whats w/ that?A hunk like him can't handle a real woman,typical.Well,Im just jealous so I'll end this by saying,I definetly think the Leelee Sobieski comparison is soooo true.Except she's alot prettier(Leelee).If u have seen the movie Joyride,the way he looks at Leelee is undeniable.He was crushin,so why did'nt she ever date him?Ok now I hate Leelee
BeatrizAbreu93 BeatrizAbreu93 6 years
First of all Paul Walker is amazingly gorgeous ! Second of all to everyone who is calling him a pedophile I'm not sure if you know but every state has a different age of consent. For example in NJ the legal age of consent is 16! You don't have to be 18 to date a 30 year old man! Third of all Paul Walker can have any woman he wants and if he wants that girl it must be because he really likes her and NOT everyone has a problem with age difference. So stop being judgmental towards him because you don't know him and his relationship.
pscheck2 pscheck2 6 years
although I think Paul is a hot hunk and has a sexy charisma, it seems out of character that he dated his gf when she was 16! Doesn't that sound like pedophilia? What is crazy is that he can get any woman he wants, so what does she have that could make him hook up with her?
Burkina Burkina 6 years
Hes hot, period. He doesnt have to be famous to be attractive. Dating a 16 year old is not cool when you're an adult..but Miley Cyrus's boyfriends seem to get away with it.
chiplee chiplee 6 years
i am a Chinese gay and i like him so much, cute, strong, man! hope he will make more better movies. always be his fans!!!!
reba506 reba506 6 years
I remember reading something about how she was 16 when they started dating and he was considerably older - probably in his late 20s- meaning that she was underage. How come Hollywood stars are not confronted about this sort of stuff?
glAminata glAminata 6 years
Oh yeahhhhhhhhhh
lovelylu lovelylu 6 years
Aw, how cute, look at him walking his daughter to school. . Who dates a sophmore in high school when your midthirties already?
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 6 years
I still think he is hot.
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