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Pictures and Quotes From Buried's Ryan Reynolds in October 2010's GQ 2010-09-14 09:15:00

Ryan Reynolds Gives a Peek at His Abs, Married Life With Scarlett, and Shooting a Movie "Inside Alec Baldwin"

Ryan Reynolds was able to do the windblown look all by himself, giving us a glimpse of his amazing shirtless chest inside the pages of October's GQ. The sexy actor is on the cover promoting Buried, which he's been busy showing off up at the Toronto Film Festival. His toned physique is a topic of conversation, but he shows his soft side as well, calling his marriage to Scarlett Johansson the "best part" of his life. Ryan also revealed that his parents wanted a daughter but "got an actor," describes a harrowing skydiving experience, details his dangerous days in Amsterdam, and explains why he ran the NY marathon to honor his father, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Here are highlights:

  • On his famous abs and self-discipline: "It was a strange sort of sleight-of-hand trick I learned — I could do it again if I needed to and get there faster if I needed to . . . I have a discipline that has served me very well in my career and in my personal life and that's gotten stronger as I've gotten older. I've always felt if I don't just have a natural knack for it, I will just outdiscipline the competition if I have to — work harder than anybody else."
  • On his Green Lantern motion-capture suit: "My fantasy dancing jammies. Kind of ridiculous, I know. It's made of actual woven misery. Whatever material they've used, they've managed to make it the most heat-conducting substance known to man. I literally begged them to just put me in a nonbreathable rubber unitard. It was like shooting an entire movie inside Alec Baldwin."
  • On stories about his marriage to Scarlett Johansson: "Ninety-nine point nine percent of it is just absurd. Silly, you know. And then maybe a relative will call me and ask if I adopted a baby from Ghana. No, no, I've not adopted anything. A few years down the road, having a family. That's years away at this point."
  • On Scarlett calling him "my Canadian" during her Tonys acceptance speech: "I think that's just a cute moment between a husband and wife. People can turn it into whatever will sell the story, the magazine. They can say whatever they want to say. That's fine."



To hear what Ryan has to say about his wedding, the marathon, and Van Wilder, just


  • On his marriage: "Things change when you get married in general. But in terms of being a couple that's in a public situation and speculated about and all that nonsense, it's changed a little bit. I'm a little more guarded, I think. I'm a little bit more wary of having my relationship turning into a soap opera. I've just unilaterally not addressed it. That's kind of been the fail-safe for me I think it's embellished upon. It hasn't been some covert operation. I mean, certainly the wedding was, but I believe anyone should have the right to have a private wedding ceremony. I think if anything's sacred it should be that. But for the most part — I can only speak for me, as one-half of that relationship — I choose to remain as private as possible without being secretive."
  • On the marathon and working with Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's foundation: "It's pretty advanced for [my father] now. He's having a real tough time of it. He's at an extended-care facility . . . I wanted to find some way to transfer that anger I was feeling. The anger I was feeling with respect to my father being ill was really in response to feeling apathetic — I wasn't doing anything about it, so I was sort of watching this guy suffer."
  • On being recognized as Van Wilder: "It made me the party guy. I would walk into a bar and people would start lining up the shots. You could sum up my career at that point as a free shot at a bar. I know it affected me more than I'm revealing, because I know I went years without even saying the words 'Van Wilder.' Even now, when I say it, it's a bit of a stretch for me."


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Louie Louie 6 years
Damn Scarlet to hell for getting to him before I had the chance...
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
nice body, cool personality..stick Josh Hartnett's face on there and we have MY perfect man lol
los-angeles-1 los-angeles-1 6 years
ChicagoDiva ChicagoDiva 6 years
Swoon. Drool. Repeat. Is there a more perfect male specimen on earth? Doubtful.
redchick152 redchick152 6 years
he is ridiculously good looking...
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