Reese and Jim Spend Their Weekend Sticking Happily Together

Reese Witherspoon kicked off her Saturday by picking up her daughter, Ava, at her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe's house in LA, and later the mother of two met up with her boyfriend, Jim Toth, for an afternoon of shopping. Reese changed into a plaid shirt and skirt to run errands solo yesterday, but she and Jim were back together after she changed into jeans to stop by Whole Foods. She and Jim have been all about their family weekends lately, following their recent long Labor Day holiday in Ojai with Ava and Deacon. Reese had time, though, to pretape a cameo for this year's Stand Up to Cancer telethon, but she skipped the main event on Friday.

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I'm sorry, I wasn't clear on what time she last took a shyt and what she wore to that event...
Wait, wait, are you saying that after about 10 days of publicity releases about Reese participating in SUTC, that all she did was a pretaped cameo? How lame. I mean if all she wants to do is a taped cameo, alright, but maybe dial back on the PR. And talking about dialing back, what's with the avalanche of photos lately? Even for Reese this is a bit much.
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