Shirtless True Blood Star Ryan Kwanten Is an Ab-Tastic Sight to Behold

Ryan Kwanten shimmered in the sunlight as he stepped out of the waves in Hawaii yesterday. His True Blood character, Jason Stackhouse, is often showing off his six-pack, but he doesn't get much beach time in Bon Temps. This shirtless treat comes hot on the heels of another sexy True Blood sighting, newly engaged Joe Manganiello's impressive gym muscles. Ryan is coming off premiering his movie Legends of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole in the UK, which means time for a vacation before reporting back to the set of his hit HBO show. He's not expected at the Spike Scream Awards this weekend, but some of his vampire costars are, and we'll be streaming live from the red carpet so tune in here tomorrow night!

Image Source: Splash News Online
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