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ps95101 ps95101 6 years
This Alexis girl has like four gigs to her name, most of them as "girl #3" or something inconsequential like that. So at this point the only thing she is actually famous for, and apparently good at, is getting knocked up by c-list Ryan Phillippe. Yet she and her friends inevitably show up in the celeb/paparazzi blogs. Famewhore. And her friends always come along to insist to us here at popsugar that Alexis is soooooooo talented and sooooooo smart and sooooooo sweet and everyone she knows is soooooooo lucky to have that honor. Give me a break! And stop googling her and yourself!
cotedazur cotedazur 6 years
@therealdeal... Yikes... I hope she didn't load him up with sunscreen, as you said! You shouldn't use sunscreen on babies under 6 months -- maybe a bit on the hands or feet if they're exposed, but DEFINITELY not all over the body! Sorry that you were so stalked by paps, though.
therealdeal therealdeal 6 years
@ps95101 How does me posting about what happened make Alexis a famewhore? I see no logic in this statement. I ask you to put yourself in my shoes, your friend gets followed around and blasted with so many untruths by the media and then randoms on websites start commenting about his/her personality and motives when they do not know them at all. And the comments are hardly ever nice... they are assuming the worst things about your friend. Maybe you are a better person then me and you can let it slide, but I guess I am not as strong as you. All I want to do is provide the other point of view so at least people can make knowledgeable opinions... if your opinion stays the same so be it. But now at least you know and can make an informed opinion.
OCali OCali 6 years
Well I'll take Therealdeals word for it. It seemed very weird to me that PCN is the agency that always seems to get pictures of Alexis so my assumption was it that the pictures were set up because that what I read on other sites. But I stand corrected. But as far as saying someone is a bad mother because they go to the beach with a baby is crazy. I live near a beach people go all the time with babies maybe people in landlocked states think you have to go for 8 hours and fry your kid. You can go for a short while use sunblock and be totally fine. I'm glad your friend is a good mom and loving motherhood. Every kid should have two parents who love them and are involved in their life.
ps95101 ps95101 6 years
If Alexis is not a famewhore, then why are so many of her friends googling/reading this site and posting to talk about how wonderful and extraordinary she is, whenever paparazzi pics of her get posted?? LAME. That applies to both her and her little buddies playing publicist for her on celeb blogs.
therealdeal therealdeal 6 years
@ojoba No problem :) Im glad to have gotten through to someone
ojoba ojoba 6 years
@therealdeal,Thanks,for setting the record straight,it was good to hear it from someone who was actually there.
cupcakeemmi cupcakeemmi 6 years
Oh people calm down. Popsugar probably bought these pictures because the baby was showing and she wasn't under the umbrella. I'm sure she had her covered and being in the sun for a couple of minutes won't harm even the littlest child.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
therealdeal- You were googling her name weren't you, to see if pictures of you made it on the internet? Love it.
therealdeal therealdeal 6 years
Just for everyone's information... I was there with Alexis that day. I just can't believe how evil some people can be on here. So I had to respond. When we first got to the beach Alexis LOADED Kailani up with sunscreen. The umbrella provided a lot of shade for Kai and Kai initially was in a swimsuit until Alexis needed to change her at which point most of these photos were taken. We weren't at the beach for long and Kai enjoyed the beach very much. She is 7 weeks old... she isn't as delicate as a 1-4 week old. In Fact a little sun exposure is good at this age as long as the baby is protected. Now, as far as gold digger comments go... I cannot take this laying down. If you want the truth we saw a pap following us around all day... literally. Followed us from my house, to a restaurant, waited in the restaurant hoping to sneak pictures when Alexis went to the bathroom to change/nurse Kai... and finally when we left the restaurant (after which he chased us and hid behind a bus trying to get pictures) we finally lost him. We split up, I took Kai and she let him follow her car around until she lost him. After about an hour we figured it was safe to go to the beach.... sadly we were wrong. We were looking around all the time to see if this guy had maybe followed us to the beach but there was no sign of him ANYWHERE. I was so shocked yesterday when these photos came up because we were diligently trying to not let Kai be photographed. The only one who profited from these photos is the photographer, and man did he put in some work. We had NO IDEA he had found us. And he must have had a crazy long lens camera because some of those pictures are way close. I am sure you all will find something negative to say about this post but I just can't take it anymore. These comments are so mean and Alexis is a good mom, a talented actress, and she is so big for not letting these things get her down. If it were me I would be putting out public statement after public statement trying to clear my name. But Alexis takes it with grace and realizes that this too shall pass. I just had to set the record straight.
jaan_black jaan_black 6 years
aww, look at that munchkin....she does look great, good butt lol
ChelMarie ChelMarie 6 years
Whether or not the baby is a "newborn" by definition (it's semantics---the baby is a newborn for Pete's sake) any doctor will tell you babies under six months should be kept out of direct sunlight, even with sunscreen.
kissmestupid kissmestupid 6 years
@emiad, what, are we lawyers here? I refer to my 3 month old as "new born," and there's not a person who would dispute that, except you, of course. However, as I've stated, even a year old child needs to be sheltered from sun and wind.
emiad emiad 6 years
kissmestupid: In medical contexts, newborn or neonate (from Latin, neonatus, newborn) refers ONLY to an infant in the first 28 days after birth. From: ""Neonate"". Merriam-Webster dictionary. Also, every pediatrician will confirm that.
ojoba ojoba 6 years
She should realize that her baby's delicate skin is very suceptible to sunburn w/out a sunhat,some shade.Hope their time at the beach was pleasant but limited,for the sake of the baby.
dreamalittledream dreamalittledream 6 years
that baby needs a hat!
kissmestupid kissmestupid 6 years
@emiad: 2 months is certainly considered to be a new born, even three months. Nevertheless, even a year old should NOT be exposed to the sun @1263232. Vitamin D deficiency in a breast fed baby comes from the mother's deficiency, not from lack of sunlight.
1263232 1263232 6 years
I have heard of Dr's advising to take baby into the sun for a little exposure for the vitamin D but I kept my son covered since he is so fair and used sun screen. Maybe she used sun screen.
gloglo gloglo 6 years
This NEWBORN has no business being on the beach clothed only in a diaper, sun beating down on her, no infant carrier and a thin rain umbrella propped on the sand with no UV protection whatsoever. This is sickening.
awesomepants awesomepants 6 years
I agree her body is amazing and that baby has an awesome head of hair.
emiad emiad 6 years
Baby is a "newborn" for the first month of life only. 2 month old baby is not a newborn Just for information.
Bazzy Bazzy 6 years
Don't you have to cover them up and protect them from the sun when they are that little?
bonnieux bonnieux 6 years
brand new babies all look the same, wrinkly and old-man-ish.... i doubt that baby wants to be out in the sun. he probably is hot, and uncomfortable :(
Burkina Burkina 6 years
Her body looks amazing. The kid has her hair.
kissmestupid kissmestupid 6 years
The baby looks just like her mother so far. But what is Alexis thinking taking a new born onto the beach with no sun protection? Babies have very delicate skin and get sun stroke very easily. Poor kid. Already being papped out.
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