Ryan Lights Up Green Lantern and Scarlett Gets Grounded

Ryan Reynolds paced around in the dark last night while filming Green Lantern in New Orleans. He's been working on the film, which is not to be confused with The Green Hornet, for the past few months with occasional visits from his Mango model wife, Scarlett Johansson, when she wasn't performing on Broadway. Her show's run is over, though she and Ryan are said to be considering living in NYC. We won't get to see the finished product of Ryan's action flick until next year, but he's also getting into superhero mode and wearing lots of spandex for the upcoming Paper Man. Scarlett, meanwhile, will be unexpectedly staying stateside this week — next Monday's Iron Man 2 world premiere was supposed to be in London, but has been moved to LA since the volcanic ash has made Europe-bound flights unreliable.