Salma Shares the Joy of Eating Bugs During a Late Show Appearance With Jay-Z, Diddy, and Eminem

Salma Hayek was casual on her way into The Late Show in NYC yesterday. She changed into a purple dress for her interview with David Letterman which touched on her new movie Grown Ups and even eating bugs — check out a video of their chat below. Salma shared time on the set with Jay-Z, Eminem, and Diddy. Eminem stuck around to read "Top 10 Eminem Pieces of Advice for the Kids," but the guys' episode won't air until Friday. The appearance is part of Eminem's press tour supporting the release his single "Not Afraid" and album Recovery, which is available today. Jay-Z's time with his friends also helped take his mind off a recently filed lawsuit alleging that he owes around $250,000 to a private jet company.

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Image Source: WireImage