Tom Cruise Hugs Suri, Performs Stunts With Cameron, and Has Taylor "Definitely" Wanting a Les Grossman Cameo

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were out in Seville, Spain, today to reenact a few stunts from Knight and Day for press and fans before tonight's big premiere in the city. He's been sharing his every move on Twitter and the red carpet will be streaming live. Yesterday Tom and Cameron were in Austria for interviews, where Tom talked about Suri watching him act in intense scenes and she had the chance to see his motorcycle skills this morning after she and Katie arrived in Spain last night. Blockbuster boy of Summer Tom looks dashing as he promotes his movie, and he's also a hot topic of conversation back in California at the Eclipse junket. Taylor Lautner spoke with us about getting to work with Mr. Cruise for the funny MTV Movie Awards bits and shared that he'd love a part in the upcoming Les Grossman movie, saying, "Tom is awesome and I can't believe I get to say that I worked with him. That would be really cool. He is amazing as that character, so I would definitely want to do a cameo."

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