Victoria Crosses Paths With David in LA Between High-Flying Adventures

Victoria Beckham threw on her favorite Giambattista Valli cape to catch a flight out of LAX yesterday, as her boys Romeo, Cruz, and Brooklyn took their skateboards to an indoor park. She was able to spend a few days in California with her husband, David, who arrived home on Friday following a whirlwind global tour — David made a trip to Australia with the Galaxy last week, spent a few days in London, and then made a journey to Switzerland for the World Cup vote. David and Victoria each have to embark on solo adventures for their work, but when they're together they're among the sexiest couples of the year.

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Image Source: X17 Online
I'm sorry, that's NO way to live...I'm waiting for these two to get on with the divorce...I need sex constantly, what couple is never together?
What happened to the man luggage VB designed (and could fit into) especially for DB?
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