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Play Celebrity Faceoff and Win a $100 Gift Card!

Congrats to beachbaby16, yesterdays winner in our Celebrity Faceoff Contest with an amazing score of 230!!! In case you hadn't heard, we're giving away a daily prize to the high scorer on our Celebrity Faceoff Game! If you've never played, check it out to test your skills at guessing who is more famous. Believe me, it's not always who you think! As always, the celebrity rankings are chosen by who you all have been picking to win. Today's contest will end at 11:59pm Pacific Time. At that time whoever is at the top of today's leaderboard will win a $100 Amazon gift card! For Official Rules, click here.

Join The Conversation
marley11 marley11 9 years
i suck at this. i hate it. haha.
DeJaVuE DeJaVuE 9 years
230???!??! ooo ok
wicca_08 wicca_08 9 years
Good job!
Heather36782 Heather36782 9 years
I keep trying but I really don't get it. Who is deciding who is more famous? I totally disagree with some of these, but oh well. The most I got to was like 31 or something and then OOPS!!!
TNgirl TNgirl 9 years
Yep just as I suspected I suck at this game; the most I got right was 6. :(
TNgirl TNgirl 9 years
Congrats to all the previous winners; I am off to try my hand at it but I am afraid that I will seriously suck!
justlookaround justlookaround 9 years
kate looks old; Bono looks fashion
nanrui nanrui 9 years
this is a really strange game... i mean who is more famous... angelina jolie or george clooney?? LOL THEY'RE BOTH SO FAMOUS.
notoriuskitty notoriuskitty 9 years
wow some of these are really tough!
MDF20 MDF20 9 years
UGH! I seriously suck at this. Congrats to the winners! What's your secret?!
Lorelei-Spirit Lorelei-Spirit 9 years
Every time the Jonathon Rys Meyers photo pops up I get seriously creeped out. It MUST BE CHANGED! :mob: ;) :p :boss:
NdHebert NdHebert 9 years
Who is more famous? What is the basis? Pop sugar's opinion? Ticket Sales? Is it biggest US star or internationally? I think the game is kind of silly to be honest. But people win things, so yipee!
lilflowa lilflowa 9 years
i think i like get to 21....then Kaput! game over lol
LadyLibertine LadyLibertine 9 years
I have tried this a few times, I am seriously lame at it. The most I get is 8
lilflowa lilflowa 9 years
Congrats! ;) and Pop does the gifts only apply to ppl in America??
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