With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday we wanted to celebrate the mothers of some of our favorite stars. Whether it's on the red carpet, watching their grandkids, or even just grabbing a bite to eat together, nothing makes us smile like seeing that the biggest stars in the world love to make time for their mothers. Test your knowledge below and see how many of these wonderful women who raised our favorite celebrities you can identify!

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Guess whose mom is cheering at her grandkid's youth sports game?

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Guess who is eating brunch with his mom?

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Guess whose mom is pushing around her granddaughter?

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Guess who went grocery shopping with her mom?

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Guess who brought his mom on the red carpet?

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Guess who spent the afternoon with her mom?

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Guess which starlet posed with her mom?

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Guess who walked hand in hand with his mom?

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Guess who walked through the airport with her mom?

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Guess who watched soccer with his mom?