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Poll: Are You Interested in Seeing Angelina Jolie's Movie?

Angelina Jolie's Trailer Debuts — Are You Interested in Seeing Her Directorial Debut?

The trailer for Angelina Jolie's In the Land of Blood and Honey was released today. Angelina made her debut as both a screenwriter and director on the drama about two lovers during the Bosnian war in the '90s. While filming last year, Angelina initially encountered protests from women's groups and the Bosnian government, but the controversy ended quickly and Angelina continued to work hard on her passion project. We'll have to wait until December to see the full finished product, but watch the dramatic first trailer now and tell us — do you have any interest in seeing Angelina's first behind-the-camera effort?

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babaloo babaloo 5 years
Not in the least
gd101 gd101 5 years
Yes, It looks like it is going to be a great film.
Freyda Freyda 5 years
Absolutely -- can't wait. The trailer makes the film look amazing.
1246386 1246386 5 years
Amazing trailer. I hope it gets awards nominations, then it’ll get worldwide distribution. I want to see it in the theater.
littlemunchkin littlemunchkin 5 years
I'm not interested in seeing her on screen or behind it.
katialoves katialoves 5 years
it looks like it could be well done, but its really not the type of movie i usually enjoy... i prefer something lighter or with suspense... or something really unique for this film, the biggest selling factor is that she directed it
loser60 loser60 5 years
of course - she is a academy award winner, golden globes etc cant wait to see her direct a gritty drama so glad it isn't some b rated comedy. she is one talented woman
LolaMD LolaMD 5 years
Yes, I am impressed with the trailer.
nygurl nygurl 5 years
trailer looks impressive.
ilek ilek 5 years
I really like the trailer. It’s pretty intense and emotional. I normally don't like to watch movies that make me cry (like I suspect this one will) but I will see this one because it’s Angelina’s and I support everything she does. Having said that, I highly doubt that she’s on pins and needles about the box office potential of this movie since it’s obvious she didn’t do this movie for the box office. It is certainly not blockbuster material. I think the movie will do well enough for the type of movie it is and it will all be due to it being Angelina’s movie.
Delores-Anne Delores-Anne 5 years
awesomepants awesomepants 5 years
The trailer does nothing for me. I'm more interested in seeing her as a screenwriter than a director. Right now, to me at least, the movie looks boring. The actress is perfect but I'm just not interested in the plot. Will I pay to see this movie? No. Especially not when there are a million great releases coming out at the same time. This movie will get overshadowed big time. They need to change the date immediately.
loser60 loser60 5 years
can't wait!
bryseana bryseana 5 years
I'm not usually into war movies, but I love everything Angelina has done movie wise and philanthropically. So, I'm looking forward to seeing this.
Gdeeaz Gdeeaz 5 years
No, but it has nothing to do with her not being on screen. I'm just not interested.
crazyone crazyone 5 years
dying to see it looks interesting.
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