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Poor Tara - Dumped again

She just can't get a man. We had seen her recently following around Jesse Metcalf who made it clear nothing was going on. Then we think she has met her match by hooking up with Tommy Lee. Then we see her solo at the Kentucky Derby while Tommy is back in the arms of ex-wife Pam.

Pam and Stephen Dorf are over according to Conversations about Famous People. I liked them together but oh well.

So here are pics of Tara looking happy with Tommy, then she trying to class it up at the Derby - somehow she still looks like a slut. And then there are also pics of Pam and Tommy cuddling as they watch their boys. Maybe their kids turn them on becuase they do seem to do a good job of being in love when those boys are around.

For more pics of Pam check out The Greek Princess who has images of her from this months UK GQ. Pam looks a bit done up, but very sexy if you like the fake boob sort of thing. She is in a very tiny bikini or nothing at all - so Pam of her.

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