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Pop Quiz, Hot Shot: Week of 8/17/08

It's time to test your knowledge of what's happened this week with our favorite celebrities. Have you paid attention to everything that's gone down? Take the quiz!

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David organized a birthday party for which member of the Beckham family?

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Who texted Access Hollywood to say that she thinks Michael Phelps is "f*cking amazing"?

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Which celebrity mom said she felt like a "beached whale" while pregnant?

4 of 10

Where is Paris Hilton already making another version of her BFF show?

5 of 10

What did Matt Damon and his wife Luciana name their newborn daughter?

6 of 10

Jessica Simpson is the new face of what kind of beverage?

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Nicole Kidman made a telephone call to say good luck to which Australian Olympic team?

8 of 10

Kate Hudson is rumored to be calling which guy?

9 of 10

Who hosted last weekend's Alma awards?

10 of 10

Kanye West blogged about his affection for which actress?

Join The Conversation
scotlandrulz scotlandrulz 9 years
lala788 lala788 9 years
9/10 - not bad at all
darlene darlene 9 years
8/10 not bad
sima sima 9 years
5/10 :P
dnye dnye 9 years
Pop Star! Congratulations, looks like you've been reading lots of PopSugar this week! Hahaha! that is the truest thing i've heard all week!
Isla-T Isla-T 9 years
8 / 10 =)
k8-rckstr k8-rckstr 9 years
10/10... I think Im spending way too much time on popsugar haha
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
LMAO Myperry! hehehehehe
myperry myperry 9 years
10/10 - can you tell that my boss was out of the office this week
juliekching juliekching 9 years
9/10! not too shabby!
Melly80 Melly80 9 years
hows I just did it a second time and still got points baha
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
ilanac, I'm just the opposite. I have been so busy this week I have only had opportunities to check a few times, yet I got 8 of them. LOL My best score to date I believe. I think they were just easy ones.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
it's really sad cause i knew the answer to the question that i got wrong - i just clicked on the wrong one :( oh well...9 out of 10 - that's not too bad. especially since i usually do so badly on these - even when i thought that i've read the stories pretty thoroughly.
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
HA! I BEAT YOU PINK! neener neener!
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
ibte ibte 9 years
kmholland29 kmholland29 9 years
6/10... I suck!
hmweis1 hmweis1 9 years
10 out of 10 baby....woot woot! Maybe I need to get a life?
eveday eveday 9 years
5/10...I suck at these (the weekly ones).
sparkliegirl sparkliegirl 9 years
mondaymoos mondaymoos 9 years
6/10 isnt too bad
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
You answered 8 out of 10 questions correctly Pop Star! Congratulations, looks like you've been reading lots of PopSugar this week! HAHAHHAAHA That last statement should be "You've been wasting a lot of time this week!" LMAO
tomatoshirt tomatoshirt 9 years
3/10 .. Booooooooooooo
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