Think you know all the news about the stars? Test your celeb smarts with our weekly quiz!

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Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr saw which musician perform in LA?

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What was Jessica Alba spotted doing after attending the Footwear News Achievement Awards with Blake Lively?

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Which of Kellan Lutz's Twilight costars attended his Meskada premiere?

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Where was Matt Damon seen filming his new movie?

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For which magazine did Gisele Bundchen wear rubber?

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Where was Jennifer Garner spotted shopping on Cyber Monday?

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Which college team did Reese Witherspoon support during a jog?

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Who did NOT walk the red carpet at the Gotham Independent Film Awards with Anne Hathaway?

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Which of Angelina Jolie's children did she say she "kind of" plays in The Tourist?

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Where were Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen spotted making out in public?