Were you paying attention this week? Let's find out!

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Which Parks and Recreation star stripped for the cover of Vanity Fair?

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Who presented Cameron Diaz with the Female Star of the Year award at CinemaCon?

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Which couple zipped around NYC on a Vespa?

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Which friend joined Courteney Cox and Coco Arquette in St. Barts on vacation?

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Where did the cast of Glee shoot on location?

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Which magazine did Gisele land on the cover of with a '70s-inspired look?

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Britney Spears teamed up with which crew for a Jimmy Kimmel Live skit?

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Who did Sofia Vergara shoot a Diet Pepsi commercial with on the beach?

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Which actor signed up to teach a class at NYU?

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Which actress landed the role of Louis Lane in the upcoming Superman remake?