OK, it's about to get real. Day two of the PopSugar 100 bracket brought some new surprises and some changes in the lead, but the round is not over yet. It's all fun and games, but here are a few thoughts I have looking at how things stand at the moment. As much as voting is about personal preference, it's also about who had the bigger year — roughly from middle of last Summer to now — so let's take a couple of the more fun matchups:

  • Zac Efron vs. Kate Beckinsale: Now, I fully agree that Kate Beckinsale is perfection. She's stunning and seems super down-to-earth. Plus she and her hot husband can't get enough of each other, but really? Zac Efron made the jump from small screen to big screen this year, landing some huge roles and becoming one hot commodity. Plus, all signs point to him being on the up and up! Where are the Efron fans to vote for their guy? He's hosting SNL this weekend, has Beckinsale ever done that? No. It's not just High School Musical supporters who love those baby blues these days . . .
  • Sean Penn vs. Patrick Dempsey: Patrick helped turn Grey's Anatomy into a show we love again, but does that compare to winning an Oscar? He's been beating Sean since the Pop100 voting started. Sean starred in a courageous and game-changing movie, all the while keeping his politics at the forefront. You may not agree — and sure he can come off pretty slimy — but the man earned his number four seed.
  • Jessica Simpson Yay Neil Patrick Harris, but sad about Jessica Simpson losing so badly. I know that she has her detractors, lots of 'em, but I have a soft spot for Miss Simpson. Where are you, Jessica Simpson fans? Your girl needs your help if she wants to even make it a close match!

Keep voting and tell all your friends — if any of them win, she'll share her Chanel with you, right?