Only the strong have survived our Pop 100 competition so far, and the matchups are only getting tougher as time goes on. Songbirds Beyonce and Carrie Underwood are head to head in round three, and Beyonce is in a lead though it's a tough call between the beautiful starlets. Beyonce had a big year that included her double album and recently scored a box office hit with Obsessed while Carrie Underwood continued to burn up the country music charts and won a Grammy. Whatever your choice may be, be sure to cast your vote in all of the matchups if you want to be the winner of the beautiful Chanel bag.

To see a comparison of the two just

Name Career Personal Life Philanthropy Awards Other
Beyonce Knowles Released album I Am...Sasha Fierce. Movies: Obsessed, Cadillac Records. Came out with a new line for her House of Dereon collection Celebrated her one year anniversary with Jay-Z Inspired the world to hone our dance moves with her video for "Single Ladies" Nominated for a Golden Globe and a Grammy Performed "At Last" at the Inaugural Ball, made Sasha Fierce a household name
Carrie Underwood Became the third female artist in country music history to have released four consecutive Number Ones from the same album Was in the middle of some drama with Jessica Simpson regarding Tony Romo, but has since settled down with hockey player Mike Fisher Played in a celebrity softball event, was part of an all-woman musical collaboration for Stand Up for Cancer Won 3 People's Choice Awards, 1 Grammy Continued to be generally adorable and is often a red carpet favorite