Every day we're getting just a little bit closer to determining our Pop 100, and the competition is going to be fierce until the end. Right now Robert Pattinson has an edge over Cameron Diaz, but anything can happen over the course of the next few days. Rob made his mark in a big way this year, while Cameron continued to hold on to her firmly established place in Hollywood. After the jump, you can check out our rundown on what happened to them this year, but feel free to leave your own arguments in comments. Of course, don't forget to vote in all the matchups for a chance to win Chanel!

To see a comparison of their years, just


Name Career Personal Life Philanthropy Awards Other
Cameron Diaz What Happens in Vegas, filmed My Sister's Keeper Started dating model Paul Sculfor Continued to spread environmental awareness and participated in a PSA to encourage voting in the presidential election None Will be playing a mom for the first time in My Sister's Keeper; consistently impresses us with her style and sparkling personality
Robert Pattinson Twilight, Little Ashes, How to Be, filming New Moon Constantly in the middle of rumors that he's hooking up with his costars, possibly doesn't shower Gave teenage girls everywhere a new face to hang in their rooms Nominated for a UK Empire Award Became a heartthrob overnight and had a huge part in making Twilight a phenomenon; already has an iconic hairstyle

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