Round 3 of the PopSugar 100 is well under way, and the race between Anne Hathaway and Reese Witherspoon is too close to call. Reese had an amazing year balancing her film success and her adorable family, while Anne Hathaway managed to pull through an ugly breakup with the help of an Oscar nomination. The matchup between these two leading ladies needs your input — check out our rundown of their respective years after the jump. Make sure to cast your vote in this unpredictable contest, and don't forget that filling out your ballot also enters you to win a $3,000 Chanel bag.

To see a comparison of their years just


Name Career Personal Life Philanthropy Awards Other
Reese Witherspoon Four Christmases, Monsters vs. Aliens Has two adorable mini mes, going strong with Jake Gyllenhaal Worked with Avon on a number of projects to help battered women People's Choice Award for Favorite Female Movie Star Continues to look perfect in bikinis, sweats, red-carpet gowns, and day-to-day casual wear. Consistently endearing.
Anne Hathaway Rachel Getting Married, Bride Wars Broke up with Raffaello Follieri when he was put in jail for fraud, currently dating actor Adam Shulman Taught us all a lesson about not believing sleazy guys who say they know the Pope and works with women's and human rights groups Nominated for a Golden Globe, Independent Spirit Award, and an Oscar Overcame personal drama and emerged with a stronger career and looking better than ever

So who do you think deserves your vote?