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PopSugar 100 Round 3 Wrapup: The Top 32 Go Head-to-Head

Round three of the PopSugar 100 kicked off today, and the top 32 are already in the midst of some heated battles. As of this round, the results are not visible all the time to add an element of surprise. At the end of every day, we'll be here to update you on how the matches are going, so you can see who needs your support to make it to the elusive Sweet 16. We've been having a blast as the tournament goes on and hopefully you're getting into the spirit — for the sake of the PopSugar 100, and also for the sake of our CHANEL giveaway. To see all the standings at the moment, just


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mrs-sd mrs-sd 8 years
johnny depp better get in the finals but if you guess how its gonna end is johnny against patterson... this should be intersting
Joanna Joanna 8 years
I agree that Kate deserved the oscar. She was very good in the movie.
I posted this on the last pop 100 but I am gonna post it in this one because I wanna if someone feels the same way. This is sooo gonna turn into Jennifer Aniston V Angelina Jolie. I honestly thought James Frankco won the last round. I look today and Angie beat him. Which Angie should have (if this game is being played fairly) but with the people here and stuff and you know...I thought he beat her. Nope. I voted today (and I am voting for people I like the most...not this who had the better year stuff...I just want the bag) and I can feel this turning to into what I fear the most. Come on Angelina had a3 films come out totaling a billion dollars. Angie was also named highest paid female actress, and nominated for every major award. Angelina had the best year...yes Kate won an Oscar, but for an indie picture no body saw (I have seen it with my improv friends) and she deserved it however not the biggest year to me. Either way...I don't wanna see AJ V JA.
Sofia-Soubrette Sofia-Soubrette 8 years
Say wha?
Audrey1974 Audrey1974 8 years
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