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PopSugar Exclusive Interview With Haylie Duff

A Few Words With Haylie Duff!

It's been a fun week for us here at PopSugar — not only did we get to chat with Emmuanelle Chriqui, but we were also lucky enough to interview Haylie Duff! She's been busy hosting Legally Blonde the Musical: The Search For Elle Woods on MTV, but she took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to answer our questions about the show, working with Hilary, and more. Here's what she had to say:

PopSugar: What is the most exciting thing about being on Broadway?
Haylie Duff: I think the most exciting thing about Broadway is the audiences everyday. It’s so funny because the show changes so much just based on who is sitting in the audience and the kind of responses you get. Sometimes you have really loud audiences that laugh at everything, and sometimes you have audiences that are quieter and are just kind of taking in the whole experience. As a performer, you’re like, “are we not as funny today, are we not doing it as good as we usually do it?” But then the response at the end of the night will be huge applause and things like that. I think that’s the most exciting part – how different each show is.

PS: What is your role in helping choose the next star of Legally Blonde?
HD: I’m fortunate enough to not have to choose who the next girl is gonna be. I don’t do any of the judging or eliminating. I’m strictly there to serve as supporter and as someone to encourage them and to push them and to, you know, remind them that all the hard work and everything that’s difficult they’re going through is worth all the different experiences that they’re on the verge of having.

To see what else Haylie said about working with Hilary and to read the rest of the interview, just read more.

PS: Is there a profession you have not done yet that you would like to do?
HD: I want to direct eventually. That’s on my list of goals, but not for a while, I want to make sure that I’m really ready to do that before I try!

PS: You and Hilary both work together a lot in movies and with music; does this bring you closer together – is it more fun or does it put a strain on your relationship?
HD: You know what, it’s funny because it doesn’t bring us closer together, but it doesn’t put a strain on it either. It is what it is, and we’re always excited to work together. I know when I was writing for her albums and things like that, we would sit down and just talk like we do constantly just as sisters, and spend time together, then I would try to take personal experiences she was going through and try to feel what they felt like and then write for her based on that. In the movie, that was such a collaborative thing for us, we had so much fun everyday on that set. We don’t get to spend a lot of time together, so anytime that we get to do something together, we’re always excited about it.

PS: What is you favorite guilty pleasure?
HD: My favorite guilty pleasure? Oh God, I have so many! I’m like, which one can I say that people won’t think I’m a terrible person? A guilty pleasure . . . mmm . . . I don’t know! Maybe, um, like bad TV. (laughs) That’s kind of a guilty pleasure. Like, late night bad TV. I find myself in like hotel rooms by myself a lot, so I always find kind of weird shows. I love the public access channel in New York.

PS: What is the best beauty advice you have gotten?
HD: I think from my mom. That was to wash my face before I go to bed and to take care of my skin. I had a makeup artist show me how to put eyelashes on under my eyelashes, and that was a pretty good one too, but I don’t know how to do it yet by myself so I’m gonna have to practice.

PS: Who is your favorite designer?
HD: For clothing? I have so many! I love Chanel – that’s one of my favorite ones. For everyday clothes, I like simpler stuff. I like Foley + Corinna, I love Vince, I love Sass & Bide, I love Dolce Vita. I like easy stuff for during the day, and stuff that’s comfortable that you can wear all day without feeling like you’re paying attention to your clothes.

Thanks again to Haylie for taking the time to chat with us!


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