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PopSugar Exclusive — Kristin Cavallari, Whitney Port, Lauren Bosworth, Frankie Delgado, Stephanie Pratt Talk About The Hills

PopSugar Exclusive — Kristin Talks About John Mayer, Whitney and Lo on Their Shows, Stacie and Justin Bobby?!

Lots of ladies from The Hills and The City hit the red carpet at last night's MTV VMAs. We chatted a little with the shows' stars about all the changes to come this season, with LBD clad Whitney Port and Lo Boswoth sharing some previews. Kristin Cavallari addressed her rumored romance with John Mayer, while Stacie Hall — aka Stacie the bartender — revealed one rather big spoiler. Here's more:

  • Kristin on allegedly dating John Mayer: "It's funny because I've met him one time, for 5 seconds at a big press event like this. I don't know, it's always funny how these rumors get started."
  • Stacie on what to expect from her next season: "I find myself in a lot, a lot of drama I didn't think I was a dramatic person. . . definitely with boys. That's gonna happen. . . "
  • Could it be Justin Bobby? "Maybe. . . (smiles)."
  • Lo on next season: "You're going to see a lot of new female faces — not just Kristin. You're going to see new troublemakers, which you know, it kind of makes me a little uncomfortable! I've kind of been there since the beginning, and I want it to be exactly what it was and it's not anymore."
  • Stephanie on Heidi and Spencer's baby plans: "I was with them and they started talking about freezing eggs and stuff, and I was like, "Ew, you guys! I'm right here.'"

For more quotes from all the girls about next season, including Whitney discussing Jay, and Kristin's romance status, just read more.


  • On what we can expect on this season of The Hills: "Little bit of drama, there's always relationship drama. Not just with me, with kind of everybody. A little love triangle I guess is happening. . . I'm excited for everyone to see my side of the story, and my point of view because everything is not always as it seems."
  • On keeping in touch with LC: "I'm filming with Lo, who lives with her, so we get updated. . . but I don't see her too often, I really don't. But there's no bad blood there."


  • About her new costars: "Everyone is very different, and not in a good or bad way. Everyone plays off of each other, in a very dramatic kind of feeling.
  • On Jay returning to The City: "I'm not sure, to be perfectly honest. I mean, he is my friend and he's in and out of my life. But I haven't seen any of the episodes yet, so. . . "


  • On what's coming up with her: "I'm a serial dater. I don't have a boyfriend — I want to date every single guy ever. But, I will play the bad cop, there's so much BS between the girls, I will call them out."
  • On Stacy's comments about Justin Bobby: "She needs a publicist to tell her not to talk about the show! Yeah, it gets nuts."


  • On if we'll see lots more of her this season: "Yeah, it's weird. Like on the last season, I didn't even mean to be on it — it was unintentional. Now I'm in the group!"

Frankie Delgado also chatted with us about the ongoing issue between Brody Jenner, his girlfriend Jayde Nicole and Joe Francis, saying that her face is all better after the alleged assault a few weeks ago. That won't be a part of the season, but we're sure to see lots more of them all when The Hills is back in just fifteen days!

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