Tonight some of our favorite shows are returning and since Fall TV is officially here, enjoy my list of favorite new shows to watch. Sorry I am a bit late but considering Buzz has already dished on all her picks including, 5 to watch, 5 to skip and 5 she's on the fence with we know you have been very well informed already. The good news is Buzz and I agree on 4 out of her 5 to watch (sorry Reaper - we're just not that into you). The 4 shows we are obsessing over are Pushing Daises, Dirty Sexy Money, Chuck and Gossip Girl (the latter two brought to us by the genius Josh Schwartz who made our dreams come true).

As for the rest of my fall TV thoughts,

Chuck was the first show I started crushing on. The adorable Zachary Levi as a geeky guy who gets pulled into an Alias-like life just instantly grabbed my attention.

However, even cuter than Chuck is an equally dorky guy named, Ned. The pie maker from the fairy tale show, Pushing Daisies, is literally the sweetest character on TV this fall. Unlike most gratuitous sex scenes and phrases on TV these days, this show has a great story line about a couple who can't even touch yet it's very heartwarming.

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Dirty Sexy Money. Peter Krause from Six Feet Under is now a lawyer for one of the richest families in NYC. It's hard to not get sucked into the life of the rich and well, the richer.

Which then leads us to Gossip Girl. High school. Rich kids. Josh Schwartz. Beautiful clothes and hair. What more could you want in an hour of TV? We're two episodes in and already talking non-stop to our friends about Team Serena vs Team Blair.

While all my shows may have a theme of dreamy men or rich Manhattenites, it's way more than that. Just trust me. As for a favorite 5th. The jury is still out. I want to like Big Shots but the pilot was way cheesy so it doesn't make the cut. I also want to like Private Practice but based on last night's episode, we're not so sure it's gonna happen. We're holding out that Cashmere Mafia is the 5th show but I have yet to see the pilot so I can't officially add it to the list.... yet.

So much TV. So little time so remember to manage it appropriately and if you haven't already, print out BuzzSugar's detailed night by night Fall TV Guide. Trust me, it makes setting your TiVo way easier!