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PopSugar Link Time for March 6, 2008

Link Time!!!

pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 9 years
MK's new guy sounds like a catch. :ROTFL:
FashionKid FashionKid 9 years
wow thats sucks:{
cnyc1a cnyc1a 9 years
I really like the Janet Video I think it's fierce. That song is going to be the jam at all the Gay club's.
nikkeeb nikkeeb 9 years in i'm not the only flat one...thought that needed clarification, haha
nikkeeb nikkeeb 9 years
the digital boob job link makes me feel better about myself than it probably should... :-P
XpsX XpsX 9 years
i guess it's no secret that Kate Hudson has no boobs
princess_eab princess_eab 9 years
LOVING LOVING LOVING the Janet video! It is so cool how she gets the best choreographers and really focuses on the dancers in her videos. What an amazing ensemble!!!
partysugar partysugar 9 years
OMG, love the Janet video. The choreography/dancing was amazing!
Fire_Vixen Fire_Vixen 9 years
Love it! she has that kinda quiet lil voice that's soo "huh?" but who doesn't know that by now (she's been up from the time she was a kid)?!! I don't care how similar or the stupid comparisions between her and Paula A,anyone who's a fan and have watched her(Janet's) music vids forever know this is Janet, it's her style, her way...she hasn't changed....others(Paula)...well...they were together when they were younger..working together so..... but whatever I LOVEEE feedback also..interesting video..but that's Janet, it's like everyone expects the same thing from all our artiste, same club scene, same look, atleast hers is entertaining and creative, much better than Mariah's New Vid and song which annoys the heck out of me even though I really tried to like it,...just can't, she needs to go away right now, she hasn't changed her singing ways, it's all a bore really.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
"natural a cup"? she doesn't need a bra at all.
Banzai Banzai 9 years
I agree that song is kinda lame and I can totally see Paula's video in that one, I forget the name Snake something or other. I always thought Kate was a "A" cup but she looks totally flat! whoa
karazzies karazzies 9 years
Does anyone else get reminded of Paula's new video from Janet's video? seems kinda similar to me.
Meka_suga Meka_suga 9 years
I really like Janet's new video. She still dance she 20. The song by itself kinda puts me to sleep though.
mjgirl mjgirl 9 years
I love Janet Jackson! She's awesome.
miss-britt miss-britt 9 years
janet is working it in that video
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
Ahah! I remember that movie! So cute
oh-cecilia-baby oh-cecilia-baby 9 years
aw i seriously love camilla :) do you guys remember her in that disney channel movie, rip girls? haha she's great
Zari Zari 9 years
would love to see maddy's new vid!!
Shopaholichunny Shopaholichunny 9 years
Adnan and Kim Kardashian :OY: Camilla is sooo Gorgeous!
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
I love Camilla! Haha, that sucks that they gave Kate a boob job.
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