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PopSugar Poll: Does Charlie Sheen Even Shock You Anymore?

Does Charlie Sheen's Behavior Even Shock You Anymore?

Last night was another crazy one for Charlie Sheen, who was apparently taken to a hospital in NYC after causing an estimated $7,000 worth of damage to his room at The Plaza Hotel. Some reports alleged that he was drunk and in the company of a lady friend at the time, while his ex, Denise Richards, and their two daughters slept down the hall. Charlie's rep tried to do damage control this morning by saying the actor suffered an allergic reaction to medication.

This latest incident comes less than a year after Charlie's trip to rehab for threatening his then-wife Brooke Mueller last Christmas, and he was apparently just eight days away from ending probation. The Two and a Half Men star seems to find drama wherever he goes, so tell us — does Charlie even shock you anymore?

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tolken-lovebug tolken-lovebug 6 years
Charlie has been trying for TOO MANY YEARS, to straighten out "His Act"! Someday he'll figure out that booze,women, and drugs DON'T MIX!! I'm praying for you, Charlie and I hope you have "An Epiphany" soon!!
missyd missyd 6 years
He is another Mel Gibson. Goes to show what fame does to you. Grown men who have the maturity of 15 year olds and are spoiled rotten.
Louie Louie 6 years
Total loser.
Burkina Burkina 6 years
He is apiece of shit. Just scum. Goes to show what hollywood is like.
Carri Carri 6 years
I can't believe reps still try to put out these stupid excuses. As if we are totally blind to Charlie's past!
Frida83 Frida83 6 years
No, but I agree with #2. What shocks me is how he can still be one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood even though he's an addict and abuses women. Not to mention how shitty his tv show is.
jjoonie12 jjoonie12 6 years
If Lindsay Lohan doesn't get it together in her youth, he is exactly who she will become.
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